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Welcome To KCCF Church

Ungana Nasi Kwa Misa ya Kiswahili

Thank you for spending some time on our website seeking Jesus. We invite you to join us for a Swahili mass. Please read below for different times and parishes near you.

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Jumuiya Za Kanisa

Join a Small Christian Community Today

Please join a Small Christian community in your area and start praying with us.

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Pandemic facts

Worshiping during Coronavirus

A city or town that on a given day is in the State of Massachusetts’ red category for being at elevated risk for COVID infection will not be allowed to have in-person faith formation on that day. Those parishes would still be allowed to make plans for in-person faith formation, as the list will likely change regularly. Pastors should be regularly monitoring the state map for updates and changes in their cities and towns.

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Tumsifu Yesu Kritu

Welcome to the KCCF website. We're glad you have chosen to spend a few moments discovering our church family.  We are a group of Catholics committed to following Jesus. We celebrate our mass in Swahili language, and we welcome everyone to our church. That means we love people outside the church and we encourage prayer in church and throughout life. Our hope is that all people will feel loved and welcomed once here. We pray that people will meet God, and as a result of meeting God, follow and commit their daily lives to Him.  "Ingrained in our catholic roots, the Kenyan Catholic Community and Friends is geared towards building, maintaining, and Servicing the growing Kenyan catholic community in the greater Boston area and helping them maintain their faith in God."